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What is the moon lamp?

What is the moon lamp?
If you search moon lamp on
Wikipedia, you won’t get any answer to it.
Moon lamp is a lamp made by 3D printing machine. When you see it in the daytime, it is nothing but just a white plastic ball.
But if you turn on the light at night, the lamp will become a moon, which has the same looking as the real moon in the sky. 

How is the moon lamp made?
First of all, we need to have a 3D printing machine, the
PLA (polylactic acid), and a computer. 

We will download the most accurate moon photo from NASA and input it into the 3D printing machine. 

It takes at least 19 hours to finish an 8’’ lamp. When the lamp is almost finished, the bulb and battery will be inserted into the bottom of the lamp. An original moon light lamp is ready. 

We can also print the photo, the world, or the sign on the lamp. The information will be edited and input to the printing machine before it starts. 
Want to see how to upload the photo to customized the moon lamp? Please
click here. 

3D printing Moon Lamp workshop
The photo was taken at our workshop

Is the moon lamp safe?
Our moon lamp is totally safe. 
First of all, its raw material is PLA instead of regular plastic. It is a safe material for everyone. 

We use a led bulb inside the lamp. The bulbs and Lithium battery suppliers are certificated RoHS. It won’t emit heat during working. 

How I can find the best moon lamp?
Most of the moon lamp stores are online. When you are looking for a good moon lamp manufacture, you have to be careful with the following judges. 

A. To see if it is one model printing or two models printing. The two models printing is an old technology, which has to print the lamp two times. 

The two parts will be glued together. So the moon lamp will be damaged easily. Some company is still using the old machine now. So you might happen to see such a product. 

Two time models printing
Two-time models printing

Our moon lamp-one mode printin
Our Moon Lamp (one-time model printing)

B. To see if the photo is “engraved” or just printed on the surface of the lamp. 

The 3D printing can create the concave and convex surface of the photo. It looks like the engraved finish. This is real 3D printing technology. When the bulb is turned on, you can see the outline of the photo is real.

But we found some stores use another cheap way. They just print the photo on plastic paper and glue it on a plastic ball. The lamp looks very colorful during the daytime. But when you open it at night, you won’t see anything but a cheap plastic photo on it. 

Low quality moon lamp
Low-quality moon lamp with plastic printing and glue on the ball

Engraved moon lamp
Our Moon Lamp with the concave and convex surface


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