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Let's Light Up The Moon For You

If you are looking for a special ideal gift for your loved ones, our moon lamp is a perfect option for you. 
We supply the original moon lamp with the accurate surface picture of moon from NASA. We also supply custom photo 3D lamp, which can print your photo or text on the moon. You could save your precious memory at the moon easily. 
When you bring our lamp with the words Love You To The Moon And Back to your loved one, they will be surprised and touched.
Our moon lamp is also a great decor for your home. From bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms and office spaces, our
moon lamp will play the role of a desk lamp, nightstand lamp, nursery light and moon night lamp. It can add a touch of wonder to your home.
Our moon lamp comes with 6 sizes from 3.6’’ (9CM) to 9.1’’(23CM). We can supply both 3 colors and 16 colors with remote. 
Let Us light up moon for you. Get this best gift for the holiday season right now!

Learn about the Custom photo & text at here
Learn about FAQ of the moon lamp at here


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